Yoga day celebration 2023

Yoga is a cognate of the Sanskrit word 'yuj' – meaning Samadhi or 'oneness'. When we say 'yuj' we mean to join or harness ourselves to the road of Yog, in the hope of achieving a state of oneness of mind, body and soul at the SPIRITUAL STATE. 
21st June International Yoga Day an effort initiated by our dynamic PM Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi and as the world celebrates it we here at Kalka dental college join the Spiritual Drive under the able support of Honorary Secretary Mr. Anil Mehrotra sir, Managing Director Mr. Anubhav Mehrotra sir and Mr. Sahil Mehrotra sir, the able guidance of our Principal Mr. Anil Sharma sir and not to miss the enthusiastic participation of the Faculty members, Post graduates, Interns and Undergraduates. Special thanks to the instructor for the Yoga Day Dr. Preeti Shukla ma’am for sharing her skills and knowledge of yoga. 
As the ground work is the key to successful running of any event: we like to thank Mr. Verma CAO KGI, Meerut , Dr. Sudipto Kundu and Dr. Amit Siwach for their efforts. 
Best wishes and regards from the Chief Coordinator of the Event : Dr. Neeraj Kant Panwar. ????

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