Oral Pathology& Microbiology

Oral pathology is the specialty of dentistry and pathology which deals with the nature, identification, and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. It is a science that investigates the causes, processes and effects of these diseases. The practice of oral pathology includes research, diagnosis of diseases using clinical, radiographic, microscopic, biochemical or other examinations, and management of patients.

The oral pathology laboratory accepts biopsy and surgical tissue specimen for histopathological evaluation and diagnosis from dental departments of this institution. We undertake diagnostic procedures such as routine haematological procedures, punch biopsies, fine needle aspiration cytology and exfoliative cytology. The department also provides services in detection of oro-facial anomalies and detection of lesions using special stains viz. PAS, Van Gieson, Leishman, and Gram’s stain etc. The laboratory serves as a source for research projects undertaken by the faculty and students of the college. We have fully functional and well equipped oral precancer/ cancer detection centre for screening any precancerous and cancerous lesions by the trained dental personal and a dedicated microscopic research room for academic purpose.

Department Faculty

  • Dr. Naveen Puri
    Professor and Head
  • Dr. Varun Rastogi
  • Dr. Lalita Yadav
  • Dr. Geetpriya Kaur
  • Dr. Vandana Sharma
    Sr. Lecturer


40 publications in national and international journals