Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

The motto of the Department of Orthodontics is Service with a Smile. We provide quality Orthodontic care in an ethical manner and with Interdisciplinary Team Approach. The Department aims to lay foundation of basic knowledge and assimilate associated orthodontic skills thorough understanding of the etiology, patho-physiology and subsequently accurate Diagnosis and Treatment planning of various Orthodontic problems.

The undergraduate program introduces students to the basics of Orthodontics by means of lectures, seminars, and discussions and is in a position to diagnose and plan treatment which is the prime requisite to prepare them towards a successful clinical practice. Multimedia & interactive presentations are used extensively for theory classes. This helps in better understanding of the concepts and at the same time makes learning an enjoyable experience.

The Post graduate section offers an integrated three-year program. Course content is divided between didactic and clinical practice material with approximately equal time being devoted to each. The clinical aspect involves the treatment of all types of malocclusions, ranging from routine to severe; under the supervision of astute staff members. Unique approach to clinical specialty education is followed in the way that no single diagnostic or treatment philosophy is emphasized but rather a contemporary approach is stressed ranging from traditional edgewise therapy to the latest, most advanced, self-ligating, micro implant systems, lingual technique and clear aligner therapy.

To all of you who visit us – as a patient, parent, student, or colleague – we look forward to a positive and enriching experience.

Department Faculty

  • Dr. Sushil Kumar
    Professor and Head
  • Dr. Abhishek Singa Roy
  • Dr. Shipra Nagar
  • Dr. Ankit Garg
  • Dr. Saeed Bin Hamid
    Sr. Lecturer
  • Dr. Himali Gupta
    Sr. Lecturer
  • Dr. Rahul Singh
    Sr. Lecturer
  • Dr. Kapil Kumar


30 publications in peer viewed journals